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Hair Fluff Luxury Beauty Accessories

I Am Worthy - Luxury Satin Pillowcase

I Am Worthy - Luxury Satin Pillowcase

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Product Description

We know that you are Worthy, but there is nothing wrong with reminding yourself everyday. 

Hair Fluff's Luxury Satin Pillowcases are designed to minimize friction for your beautiful coils, curls, waves, or straight hairstyles. Satin is proven to offer better protection against hair breakage compared to traditional cotton or stretch pillowcases. Our satin pillowcases hydrate your skin and hair, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also minimizing frizz.

Say hello to healthier hair and flawless skin. Now go sleep well, Friend!

Includes 1 x Queen / International Standard Pillowcase (20” x 30” | 51cm x 76cm) with invisible zipper closure | Hand wash or Machine Wash on Delicate. Lay flat to dry.

Did you know that Hair Fluff's Luxury Satin Pillowcases are AZO-Free? Azo-Free means our products are free from harmful chemicals like bleach and nitrogen, making them safe for people with sensitive skin.

The textile industry often wastes vast amounts of resources, with up to 50,000 tons of waste being dumped into the ocean each year. We're committed to adopting eco-friendly practices, and using azo-free dyes is one step towards reducing our environmental impact.

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