"Our hair is amazing, with limitless possibilities"

Hair Fluff is a luxury hair accessories line redefining beauty sleep with style and glamour. Since our hair is amazing and it has limitless possibilities, it is time to have an accessories brand that reflects that.

Welcome to Hair Fluff!

We hope you enjoy. Shop away!

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  • For ALL!

    We pride ourselves in offering shades and tones that go beyond masculine and feminine energy. Everyone can benefit from our satin pillowcases. Our pillowcases are great for curly and straight hair, locs and braids, fine line and wrinkle prevention and even beard protection. 

  • Representation

    We remember the excitement we had when Deshauna Barber won Miss USA. We also remember the joy we had when Miss South Africa won Miss Universe. Representation matters, even in our magical fairy tails.

  • The Hair Fluff Difference

    We use AZO-Free dyes in our pillowcases. AZO-free means the dyes used to color our pillowcases DO NOT include harmful and toxic chemicals like bleach and nitrogen. People with chemically sensitive skin can use our pillowcases without worrying about the impact it's going to have on their skin and the environment. This is just one of many steps Hair Fluff is taking towards being a more sustainable company.